Pt. Dhiraj Baluni

Pt. Dhiraj Baluni belongs to a Brahmin family. He has a 25 year a great exparience in astrology, vastu. And pooja path, hawan . His interest in Spiritualism, occult science, astrology, vastu Karmkanda and other rel igious, since the time of his late Grand Father Pt. Narendra Sharma, who was a great Astrologer of his time. Science, his home atmosphere was full of Religious works like Astrology, Karmakanda; which changed his mind towards Astrology. And he started learning astrology from his Grand father from his childhood days. He decided to carry forward the faith of his forefathers on astrology and religious karmas.
He studied Jyotish Praveen and Jyotish Visharadh . He has been doing a continuous research at Advance Vedic Astrology field, vastu, Gems stone. Healing therpy ,healing crystal and etc.

He has been actively associated with many Astrologers and discuss on various aspects of Vedic Astrology for his better experiences.

• He is highly experienced in Prediction of Vedic Astrology’s. He has taken a longer expertise in solving problems related to Profession, Finance, Marriage, Education, property related, Vastu etc.

• He has conducted extensive research on effects of Manglik Dosh and effect of other malefic planets in lagna, Fourth House, Seventh House, Eighth House and Twelvth House.

• He has mastered in remedial Astrology and has a great experience in Stone Therapy.

• According to him Astrology is a study of science of Planets, moon, sun and their positions which effects human life and other things; Remedies work like Tonic which changes the position of all those stars on your favor.